Coaching term 2

Dear Parents & Players,

Fantastic News! Tennis lessons are back in Wangaratta.

Coaching will be starting from  Saturday 23th May for most group lessons

Tennis lessons will look a little bit different until the end of the term, including the rules that we have to adhere to due to COVID. (At this stage there are to be no more than 4 players per court with a coach).

Coaching will start Saturday  23 May and Monday 25 May with a  max of 4 students for 5 weeks.

Monday Starts on the 25th of May: $10 per lesson

Red group:  4 pm to 4:30 pm; Orange group  4:30 to 5 pm;  Green Group  5 to 5:30 pm

Saturday Starts on the 23rd of  May:$10 per lesson 

Red group:  09:00 to 9:30; Orange group   9:30 to 10;  Green Group  10 to 10:30 pm

Private Lesson:

Private lessons will be available on request on certain days.

On line, registration will be available by Thursday 21 May

Any question or booking  please call or  Doug on 04483964196 or email: